Our Mision, Vision & Goal

Brief Background

Global Media Foundation (GLOMEF) was founded and incorporated in Ghana in 2009 by Raphael Godlove Ahenu Jnr, a Communication for Development (C4D) expert with more than 15 years of experience in the field of communication. Under the Companies Code, 1963 (ACT179), GLOMEF is registered as a Non-Governmental Organization Limited by guarantee and given the certificate under the provision of Sections 27 and 28 of Companies Code, 1963 giving it entitlement to commence business with effect from 29 January 2009 with registration number CG007102016 and Tax Identification Number (TIN) C0006070361.

Who We Are?

GLOMEF is a specialized Development Communications, Research and Advocacy organisation that work with development-oriented agencies to ensure that all aspects of communications and research are systematically addressed as part of social development programmes. We act as a bridge between the private and public sectors, and our goal is to apply state of the art communication strategies to address social issues in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

This ranges from providing training and individual coaching and mentoring in the area of communications and media skills for development agency representatives, to undertaking consultancies and provide technical assistance, proposal writing, feasibility studies, socio- economic analysis, market research, program monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessments. 

GLOMEF seeks to achieve professional excellence through the partnership of specialists and experts in enterprises designed to enhance strategic alliances and communication initiatives in organizations as well as communities towards development. GLOMEF devises audience-centered communication strategies taking individual, groups and global needs into account especially the sustainable development goals (SDGs). With an international focus, GLOMEF has a global focus, with special advantages in West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Strategic partnerships with Governments, NGOs, Universities and Training Centers, Media Companies and private sector institutions are GLOMEF’s main strengths. GLOMEF has open door policy to work with any development agencies which shared our vision across all continents. 

It is now increasingly recognized that people’s active participation and access to timely and essential information is a crucial component of sustainable development. Any intervention with the intent of achieving a real and sustainable improvement in the living conditions of people is doomed to failure unless the intended beneficiaries are actively involved in the process, equipped with quality information. GLOMEF believes further that unless people participate in all phases of an intervention, from problem identification to research and implementation of solutions, the likelihood that sustainable change will occur is slim.  GLOMEF operates in heterogeneous communities and over the years our communication strategies are inclusive, gender, cultural and religious sensitive, taking into consideration all minority tribes, ethnic groups and sexes with cross-cultural backgrounds.


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GLOMEF’s Gender Focus

As the African Development Bank has stated “Eliminating gender inequality and empowering women could raise the productive potential of one billion Africans, delivering a huge boost to the continent’s development potential.” Supporting women economic and leadership participation with access to economic ventures, leadership roles and safe homes help themselves and their families to escape poverty. Women are often marginalized in development and decisions making that affect their lives and the entire household. Women make up the majority of those who suffer disparities in the resource distribution affecting many aspects of their lives. Moreover, the damage from disasters, pandemics, and conflicts threatens women development. GLOMEF has adopted international standard safeguarding policies that promote women’s rights and development. Our communication strategies are gender sensitive and all community initiatives mainstream gender issues.

Our Content Areas

GLOMEF has expertise in the following content areas:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • Infectious Diseases Prevention
  • Child rights/Child survival and Development
  • Communication for Development (C4D)
  • Migration
  • Agric/Agri-business/Entrepreneurship development
  • Local Economic development
  • Education/Training
  • Environment/Natural Resources Governance
  • Climate Change/Food Security
  • Democracy and Governance
  • Human Rights with much focus on women, children and youth
  • Youth Development and Empowerment
Content Areas